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Welcome to your source for top-quality certified organic heirloom garlic!  Get Organic, Premium, Heirloom Grown in the USA at our On-line Store.  All organic garlic bulbs are hand harvested at their peak readiness.  Juicy, sweet, aromatic, and delicious!  You can be assured that a lot of TLC goes into each order that ships from Glacier Hills Garlic, a Division of Heirloom-Haven.com! 

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Certified Organic Music Garlic - JUMBO!

Music garlic features robust, creamy, voluminous cloves that are easy to peel and a joy to work with. . . A hard neck variety preferred by chefs and home cooks, Music is an all around good tasting garlic perfect for marinating meats, poultry, and fish.  Gourmet garlic lovers adore the flavor of this robust variety in soups, sauces, dips, and pickles.  A recent Cornell University study concluded that Music boasts the highest yield per acre among gourmet garlics.  The scapes produced are large and robust, good for a delicious sautéed side dish, the main ingredient in a walnut pesto, an addition to scrambled eggs, or pickled with/without pickling spices.  Our Music crop began with hand planted certified organic jumbo cloves. 


Certified Organic Chesnok Red Garlic - JUMBO!

Chesnok Red is the taste test winner at nearly every garlic festival.  When sautéed, it fills the kitchen with its signature aroma that says, “gourmet”.  This is the garlic variety that hooked our entire family on gourmet garlics.  Our certified organic Chesnok Red bulbs are large and juicy, a hard neck variety that produces the most tasty scapes, too.  Use this great garlic in baking, roasting, pickling, fresh in pesto-making, and especially sautéing.  Hint:  Try encrusting a sumptuous ribeye steak with freshly minced Chesnok Red garlic after applying oil, salt and pepper(s).  Let rest for a couple of hours, then sear gently for an out-of-this-world meal!   

Certified organic spanish roja garlic

Certified Organic Spanish Roja

Spanish Roja is the gourmet heirloom garlic that sparked an entire cottage industry in the NW United States.  To this day, there are farmers who won’t grow any other garlic, because it’s that good.  Mild and creamy with a true garlic taste, chefs prefer it, because it’s easy to peel and delicious in salad dressings, soups, and entrees.  It is the main ingredient in a famous 160 year old Spanish Garlic Soup.  Our Certified Organic Spanish Roja bulbs range from large, X-large, to Jumbo in size. Order early for best selection.  

Certified Organic Russian Red Garlic

Like a fine wine, Russian Red is complex with hints of anise, fruity and sweet.  This large bulb has a beautiful rose-tinted skin and great flavor and is easy to peel.  No wonder it is the favorite garlic of British Columbia!  Please note that our certified organic Russian Red garlic is sold out for 2021.  Check back or Email us to reserve yours for 2022. 


About Heirloom Haven

We are obsessive about our heirlooms! We offer optimal varieties of heirlooms for flavor, nourishment, enjoyment, and propagation across the U.S. The production of each bulb of garlic is done by hand, starting with selecting the most robust certified organic seed cloves, hand planted after the first frost in raised beds rich with the best organic amendments money can buy, followed by Spring feeding and watering with snow melt, then Summer feeding on a 10-14 day schedule with cold processed organic fish and kelp emulsion. It is the kind of food we would want to feed our own family. We offer nationwide shipping (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

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Garlics from Glacier Hills Garlic are specially selected and certified organic 100% Non-GMO from seed.  Shipping available to all U.S. states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).