Certified Organic Chesnok Red Garlic (Add to cart to reserve yours for 2022!)

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Chesnok Red is the taste test winner at nearly every garlic festival.  When sautéed, it fills the kitchen with its signature aroma that says, “gourmet”.  This is the garlic variety that hooked our entire family on gourmet garlics.  Our certified organic Chesnok Red bulbs are large and juicy, a hard neck variety that produces the most tasty scapes, too.  Use this great garlic in baking, roasting, pickling, fresh in pesto-making, and especially sautéing.  Hint:  Try encrusting a sumptuous ribeye steak with freshly minced Chesnok Red garlic after applying oil, salt and pepper(s).  Let rest for a couple of hours, then sear gently for an out-of-this-world meal!

$7 for 1/4 lb, $9 Flat Rate Shipping
$12.50 for 1/2 lb, $9 Flat Rate Shipping
$22.50/lb for orders of 1 lb to 5 lbs, $9 Flat Rate Shipping
$19.95/lb for orders of 5+ lbs to 20 lbs, $10.60 Flat Rate Shipping
* Please Note: Total Order Size Limited to 15 Pounds


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