At Heirloom Haven, we are organic gardening enthusiasts.  Raising organic tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and vegetables has been our passion for more than 15 years! 

Having lived in an urban setting, we did it under the most difficult conditions.  You name it, we’ve faced it:  short seasons, limited space, container-gardening, insect issues, soil pathogens, too little sun, nutrient deficiencies, low yields and more. 

Continuous research and learning helped us overcome these obstacles.  Now, we produce an abundance of delicious, nutritious, heirloom and specialty, non-GMO food fresh from our garden. 

We’d like to share our most exciting findings with you! 

We experienced grafted heirloom tomatoes for the first time in 2014 with the purchase of a rare grafted Black Krim heirloom tomato plant at the nursery for $30.  Expensive yes, but it produced store quality, good tasting tomatoes that cannot be found in a store, throughout the season, in a container!  Our wonderment inspired us to dig deeper into the research.  

We found grafted tomato plants boost yields.  MOSES Organic cited a study conducted by Johnny’s Selected Seeds in 2010.  Their results are summarized in Table 1 which shows grafting improved yields by 15% to 82% based on plant variety.  The average increase in harvest was an impressive 46%!  

Table 1: Grafting Tomato Yield Data, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 2010

Grafted heirloom tomatoes

In grafting, a “custom” plant is created, with the optimal root for nutrient uptake, structural strength and disease resistance, and the ideal head (scion cultivar) to dictate the types and quantity of fruit. Various root stocks and scions are available and recommended for grafting. 

The final grafted plant must be “balanced,” with enough energy going into both development of a strong structure and vigorous, productive fruiting. Grafted tomatoes will do well either in the controlled environment of a greenhouse or outside in fields or gardens.

Years later, we experimented with certified organic grafted tomato plants. They were a big hit!  We can’t wait to share our healthy, pampered plants with you at the best price possible!  

In 2015, we discovered certified organic heirloom gourmet garlics from around the globe.  The aromas, sizes, and flavors of these garlics added so much to our lives.  In 2020, Glacier Hills certified organic heirloom gourmet garlics were born!  

They were hand planted after the first frost in the richest soils with a plethora of organic amendments and watered with
snow melt. We will share them with you soon as a meaningful harvest can be produced. In 2021, we made it happen!

Life is a journey.  We will continue to include you in our most exciting discoveries!